• Minimum age of 18 years
  • High school education or equivalent


Once you have enrolled in a program, you will receive confirmation and access to your online account .

You will receive an email regarding your application process within 48 hours including instruction on how to log in to your online profile, access account services, and schedule your test.

IFBB Study Material

As a Certified Fitness, bodybuilding and sport coaches Professional, keeping up your education is the single most important aspect of ensuring success in the industry next to providing the best care possible for your clients. Every profession requires continuing education, and the IFBB profession should be no exception.

As a Certified Fitness, bodybuilding and sport coaches Professional, your clients entrust their bodies and lives to you, and turn to you for questions and advice. You must be able to provide them with accurate, current information, and the only way to do that is to continue your education.

IFBB is the first certification organization to develop specialized certification hands-on required ongoing education programs for fitness and sport professionals.

Exam Registration Procedures

Scheduling an Appointment

When the candidate is prepared and ready to take the certification exam . He/she must make an online appointment or call at least one week prior to the desired exam date to speak with an exam scheduling representative. The exam scheduling representative will confirm the examination location, date and time by email and provide the contact information for the confirmed exam location.

Day of Exam
  • Candidate Check-in
    • Candidates must bring to the exam location
    • Valid official ID identification.
  • Admission
    • Only the individual named on the registration roster will be permitted to take the examination. No substitutions are allowed.
    • Candidates must present valid official ID identification at check-in. The name of the identification must match the name on the registration roster.
    • This document must clearly be an original and not a photocopy.
  • Late Arrival
    • Candidates who arrive late for the certification exam will not be permitted to take the exam at that time.

IFBB Policies during the Exam

  • No visitors are allowed in the examination areas
  • Candidates may not bring purses, books, electronic devices, Mobil phones, I Pad, Pod or any other personal item to the examination areas.
  • Should the candidate inform the test site administrator that he/she does not wish to continue taking the exam, that candidate will not be able to complete the exam for the remainder of that day. Incomplete exams will not be scored. Candidates will have to reapply and pay the appropriate retesting fee should he/she decide to retest at a later date.
    • Partially completed exams will not be scored. They are considered invalid results.
    • Candidates that do not complete their exam must schedule a retest and provide all applicable retesting fees.
  • Disruptive behavior is cause for immediate dismissal by the test site administrator.
  • Before, during and after the test administration, candidates are expected to conduct themselves in an ethical manner while performing independently on the exam. Incidents of cheating will be investigated thoroughly by IFBB team.

Certification Exam

You will have the opportunity to take your written test by handwritten exams Just remember that you have a deadline to meet for completion of the program and to submit your written exam. IFBB Fitness & sport Academy office keeps all records and all exams submitted. You must read and follow all directions prior to starting and before lapse time to avoid penalties.

The score of 70% or higher is required to pass all 9 level exams. You will get the results within a few days of submission. You must remember that the written exam is one part of the examination process; the other part is a practical exam that you must take with a director and/or IFBB Fitness & sport Academy to complete the examination process. You will have the honor of meeting the Best of the Best in this field, including sport and academic professional and IFBB Professional Bodybuilders and Fitness athletes.

Everyone must complete all exams, the written and the practical, to complete all 9 levels and get certified. NO EXCEPTIONS.