IFBB fitness and sport Academy Educational Program

This IFBB Academy course programs offer up-to-date scientific information in combination with hands-on practical education in a variety of subjects that includes human anatomy, physiology, anthropometrics, nutritional science, sport medicine, weight training, strength training, and specialty education in children and elderly training, injury rehabilitation, etc.

The certifications provided by the Academy are recognized by the IFBB, the leading authority in Body Building and Fitness , in 192 countries worldwide. The courses are available in several languages.

We are proud to present the newest IFBB Academy E-learning(online) platform which will be offering our courses in English and in Arabic for the very first time through this website


  • Level 4
  • Weight Trainer Specialist Online
  • Level 5
  • Weight Trainer Specialist Online II
  • Level 6
  • Advanced Bodybuilding & Fitness Trainer [Worskshop]

Validity: 4 months

Personal Fitness
Trainer Specialist

  • Level 1
  • Weight Trainer Prescription Online
  • Level 2
  • Weight Trainer Prescription Online II
  • Level 3
  • Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate[Workshop]

Validity: 4 months

Master in Bodybuilding
& Fitness Methods

  • Level 7
  • Bodybuilding Specialist Online
  • Level 8
  • Bodybuilding Specialist Online II
  • Level 9
  • Master Degree in Bodybuilding & Fitness [Worskshop]

Validity: 4 months


  • Courses fees can vary depending on the course you must take to study and the mode of delivery (Workshops / face-to-face or fully online). IFBB Fitness & sport Academy offers convenient payment plans so you can pay your course off over time.
  • All fees and charges will be applied when submitting the online form. IFBB Fitness & sport Academy office will contact you via e-mail with all the level you have to take after the exam results to start your continuing education via online.
  • You must complete all 9 courses in 1 year from the date you start.
  • Fees and charges are not refundable nor applied to another course or product at any time.