IFBB Certification

As per the IFBB requirement if he/ she would like to be fitness, bodybuilding, personal trainer, coach or freelance in fitness industry you will need to complete a compulsory courses and exams.

IFBB academy requires you to complete the courses and exam before start offering any sport services to any clients in fitness industry.

You must first get a certificate then you will be able work in the IFBB fitness industry as a fitness consultant, personal trainer, bodybuilding consultant and freelancer. This certification is provided by IFBB International academy in partnership with IFBB Academy Dubai.

On completion of the Certificate you will be only then a qualified instructor in fitness industry offering your services to people to achieve their health and fitness goals and change their life. As an instructor you can specialize in group exercise, bodybuilding instructor or general fitness instruction or improved exercise performance.

Disciplinary and legal Actions against Fitness center or instructors

Disciplinary and legal action will be taken immediately against non-certified instructors if and when:

  • The IFBB Fitness & sport Academy office becomes aware of Fitness center or non-certified instructors that may jeopardize the fitness center and the non-certified instructors
  • IFBB Fitness & sport Academy office will conduct an investigation immediately to determine whether to take any disciplinary and legal action against any Fitness center or instructors.
  • After the investigation is concluded, the party at fault will be suspended.
  • The IFBB Fitness & sport Academy office will then decide whether to press any charges against that fitness center or individual.
  • The IFBB Fitness & sport Academy office will not tolerate any illegal activities.

The aims of the IFBB Academy educational program are:

To raise the level and standard of the Fitness industry Internationally

To provide instructors and students with a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and applied skills in Body Building, Fitness and sports.

To develop instructors the necessary competencies to become professional leaders in Body Building, Fitness and allied fields.

And the qualification will give you the skills and knowledge to:

  • Knowledge of exercise physiology and human anatomy and instruct and monitor resistance training
  • Knowledge of human behavior, exercise adherence and assess exercise preferences, barriers and goals
  • Knowledge of exercise testing and assess individual for fitness activity
  • Knowledge of exercise prescription and design and implement an exercise programme in accordance with a client's goals and objectives
  • Monitor client exercise adherence and apply motivational techniques to enhance client commitment
  • Review and adapt an exercise programme to optimise client results in line with client goals

Practical experience

Work Experience is compulsory for the Certificate in Fitness, with a total of hours placement required. IFBB Fitness & sport Academy offers a comprehensive work experience program, which assists in providing essential practical experience before entering the fitness industry.

Put the theory into practice in a real life environment with work experience!

Study options

To ensure study can fit with your schedule, the Certificate in Fitness is offered through flexible delivery modes. This includes online and face-to-face (practice)

Online learning

Self-study over 3 or 4-months, you can study at a time and pace to fit with your busy lifestyle. Online learning includes presentations, videos, activities and readings which you can complete in your own time while receiving access to the Academy’s web site and extensive student support services.

Face-to-face learning

Face-to-face study involves attending classes in different location. Studying face-to face-includes both theory and practical sessions.